Have a passion for Mustangs? Then try and apply for this $500 grant

The internet is regarded as one of the most positive and meaningful innovations in recent history. It has not only reshaped society, but also the way we live and conduct our daily affairs.

It’s not an overstatement when we say that the internet has impacted every sector of human activity, education included.

In the present, online education –  the latest form distance learning has taken – is gaining more and more ground as a viable option for people who want to get a higher education on their own terms.

On top of being super flexible, online education also tends to be a bit more affordable. That’s not always the case, but in some instances some programs are more affordable than their traditional counterparts.

You should also keep in mind that online universities will allow you to save up quite a lot. That’s because you won’t have to worry about renting a new apartment or paying tons of cash on commuting. Instead, you can use this cash to fund your distance learning endeavors.

But even with all this saving, you might still have to conclude that you still can’t afford paying for your online education. If that happens, don’t despair. There are ways to pay the fees at your online universities.

You might have heard of student loans. While these are a viable alternative to pay for school, you should know they aren’t the best option out there. Instead, we want you to consider the better option and that is scholarships.

What do scholarships have over student loans? Well, the most important thing is this – scholarships are basically free money that don’t have to be paid back upon graduation. So once you are done studying, you won’t find yourself in debt, and this is a massive benefit.

Scholarships these days are widely available online and offline. Accredited online universities usually offer funding programs of their own, so if you’re enrolled with one don’t hesitate to ask to see if you can apply for a grant or two.

If not, the internet is always your friend when it comes to finding scholarships. Here’s an example of what we mean.

The CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Video Contest is open for students of all fields including those enrolled at online universities. So it’s not exclusive for those pursuing a degree in the automotive field or non-distance learning students.

In order to apply, interested parties need to create a short video no longer than 3 minutes on one of the topics listed on the scholarship’s website. For example: “How does a Mustang relate to your field of study! (get creative).

When you’re done, upload your video to YouTube and then email the link to scholarships@cjponyparts.com. There are two deadlines set each year and the next one is coming up on October 15.

But don’t worry if you’re unable to send your video until then. You can always try to catch the second deadline which is set to April 15.

The winner will receive a scholarship worth $500.


54 thoughts on “Have a passion for Mustangs? Then try and apply for this $500 grant”

  1. hi dear
    my name is tigsti gebremeskel i am agratuate by electrical engineering so now i want study MSC by electrical engineering and related .

  2. I\’m Ibingo Isaac, a graduate in Public Administration, looking for an opportunity for master program in public policy and management as well a grant to help facilitate that, therefore i wants your help

  3. Hi i\’m issa kamara, I have just entered university to study computer science which is (I .T) information technology , at njala university. but am looking for an opportunity to forward my education.and am doing a degree program.

  4. hi. i am fitsum, i leave in ethiopia i have graguated in mechanical engineering in dbu.now i am looking for ur scholarship.

  5. My name is Naboth Maranga from Nairobi, Kenya a diploma holder in business management and i would like to persue a degree course in bachelor of commerce i need your scholarship to do this programme. Thank you in advance.

  6. hey sir I want scholarship to study international relationship or management an I will be very please if u help me achieve this dream of mine

  7. Hay dear I graduated in accounting and finance BA so I want to need MS in Business Administration. Or Marketing Management.
    Thanks dear

  8. Please sir I want an international scholarship to study fashion or textiles studies
    I am grateful of ur support

  9. Hi my name is Fancy Onsase from Kenya, Nairobi. Am pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in agricultural economics and resource management. I need your scholarship please. Help me achieve my dream

  10. my name is abebe i am an electrical student .as an electricalo engingeering student i want to improve my capacity if you give me the chance .

  11. hi, am Joseph in Malawi i have been selected to study education sciences and i need need your scholarship. please consider me

  12. My name is Omar i am in Somalia i studied my first degree
    in Computer Science
    respect fully I need your scholar ships

  13. Brian Moturi from Nakuru ,Kenya pursuing a degree on Biomedical science and technology at Egerton I would like a scholarship to study my Masters degree immediately when done with degree course

  14. Hi my name is Elsabet Negash I live in Ethiopia I am IT student want to be study physics please get help scholarship

  15. Hi my name is Naima Hji Muse from Somalia , Buroa
    . I degree holder in Community Development and i would like to persue a master of international Relationship i need your scholarship to do this programme advanceplease. Help me My dream

  16. hy. my name is worku Balcha. iam from Ethiopia. I have BSC degree in nursing with major GPA OF 3.97 and CGPaA 3.89. but I want to learm my masters by scholar ship.

  17. am ssempagala edrine from uganda .lam coming from a poor family which has abad record toward education .the best stoped in primary level.and l need to help me in order to get a sponsor who will finance my studies so that ,l may achieve a very good future and also become a very important person in this world.thank you.lf you can be believe that curses can be block.you can e.mail me via:edwintonlivingstone@gmail.com.thanks in advance.

  18. am ssempagala edrine .l want to pursue a bachalor\’s degree and a bar course so that l may become a full legal officer.l want to fight against the rights of humanities who are being distorted by the premitive and dictotorial africans leaders etc thank you .l need your suppport plis.thank u and you can visite me via on my e.mail:edwintonlivingstone@gmail.com

  19. Hallo!! I am MUNYENTWARI Olivier, Iam Rwandan, I have bachelor\’s degree in EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT.
    I need now to continue in master\’s degree in EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION.
    Please help me.

  20. Comment :
    my name is wondimu woldemichael wono im veterinarian student and I want to learn it in first degree,I dont have financial power therefore ,I want you support for my goal achievement

  21. My name is azra and I m from Pakistan. I m do bsc in 2016.but for the condition of financial I can\’t learn more.so I search online this website ,if it will be help me?

  22. Hi,
    I am from Liberia-west Africa.
    I\’m in search of a schilarship to enable me acheive my goal (Doctor) pls i need your help

  23. My name is Ozoemene Ifeyinwa Caroline from Nigeria. I studied Accounting in first Degree. Please i need a scholarship to study M.sc Business Administration or Business Management in an international Community. I will so much appreciate ur help. Tank you

  24. Hellow i am a Tanzanian student completed my high school last year but am still at home up to now due to the lack of money for school… Please help me to be one among the choosen i want to take clinical pathology in bachelor

  25. Hi my name is dinku sahile from Ethiopia. I studied Economices BA degree and master degree so I need scholarshipe to study PhD in Economices .than you .

  26. hello i\’m Musa Aminu. I finished my high school, i just wanted to study computer science, in need your scholarship

  27. My name is Charles mvula from Zambia
    I completed my high school education years ago but have no one to help sponsor me, I would love to study business administration
    Please help

  28. Dear sir/madam,
    lam katebe alex kapenya, l completed my secondary education in 2016, l want to study law please help me to have a full bursary. l need it.
    best regards. Katebe

  29. Greetings my name is curthy aged 23,I completed my high school secondary in 2015 and I want to do nursing am in need of a sponsor

    your consideration will be highly apreciated.

  30. My names are Elina Margret Banda.i completed my senior secondary in 2018.i want to study mechanical engineering or Aviation but I don\’t have funds for further studies.your help will be highly appreciated.

  31. I have been taken my first degree from Haramaya University last year, so now i want to take masters degree in molecular biology. Therefore if you give me this chance on my favorite department my thanks is endless.

  32. I\’m Ramisa,I would like to get a scholarship to carry on my college years in any Sydney Australian College.I will be grateful if I can get some help.

  33. I will have been take my first degree from Jmmia University in these year (jun 28/20190), so now i want to take masters degree in environmental Engineering. Therefore if you give me this chance on my favorite department my thanks is endless.

  34. I am moges from Ethiopia,have BSC degree in statistics i want to get scholarship please give this chance and full fill my future.thank you for giving this chance.

  35. Hello
    My name is Firew Bekele from Ethiopia. I need to do degree scholarship in computer Engineering/Elecro-mechanical Engineering.


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