In need for extra money for college? This $500 scholarship should be taken into account

College education is essential for getting somewhere in life, especially in this job market. But a higher education also comes at a very steep cost these days.

So given the high fees that are involved, a lot of students are put off by the prospect of going to college, even if that means aiming lower career-wise.

Fortunately, the connected era has opened up a wide range of possibilities for students who want to get a college education, but don’t have the necessary means to do so. One of the chief options we want to bring to your attention is getting a university online degree.

The internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, especially the way we access and share information. And the educational sector is no different. These new communication technologies have established an important place for online school education to facilitate learning in a digital setting.

We’re seeing that the option to take online classes is becoming more and more important to students these days. Especially since some of them have other obligations beyond getting a university online degree. Family and holding down a job are equally important to a segment of a student population, and online school education allows to squeeze than in too, along getting a degree.

On top of that, online college education is often a lot more affordable than traditional college. This is possible due to the fact that you’ll be studying from home. This means, you won’t need to worry about things such as renting a new apartment to be near campus or spending money on transportation and living expenses.

It might not seem that much, but trust us when we say, these expenses add up. Instead, you can reuse this cash to pay for your college expenses.

And if you still feel like your online school education is too much for you to bear, you can always apply for scholarships to get some financial help.

Here’s an example of such as scholarship that could help you pay for your university online degree. This program is offered by AES Engineering and is open to students who show potential at becoming future leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study. Not only engineering.

In order to apply you need to write an essay between 500 and 1,000 words that answers the following question:

When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?

The deadline for this scholarship was October 6, 2018, but even though you can no longer apply for it this year, you’ll be able to come back next year and do so. So make sure you bookmark this page and come back in a few months for details on the new application process.

The grant is worth $500, and even if this is a small amount scholarship you shouldn’t ignore it, as competition is bound to be less fierce.

59 thoughts on “In need for extra money for college? This $500 scholarship should be taken into account”

  1. My name is Petro Lazaro from Arusha, Tanzania, I have facing financial problem to continue with my higher learning studies at Tengeru Institute of Community Development where currently admitted to bachelor degree in participatory project planning and management

  2. please send me $ 3,000. three thousand Dollar for the ticket to join at NYFA
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3120092696

  3. My name is Orimoloye oluwafemi James, a final year religious studies student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo state, Nigeria (AAUA) with Matriculation number 140106073.
    I am in crucial need of #120,000 only to pay my outstanding tuition fees and sign out as a graduate… Please my Access bank account number is 0695969675. I will surely be grateful.

  4. I would love to get enough money to face the challnges that I\’m facing

    If I\’m to get a chance for that money I would change ma life
    To good

    Thank you

  5. Please help me for my further study of Bachelor\’s Degree. I want to study bu cannot afford my self. So I need spmeone to help.

  6. My name is Abigail Aryee am from Ghana, Am 20years of age I love reading ,singing and also am educative with great love and care to people around me. Thank u

  7. my name is zewdu agumas
    my name is zewdu agumas. I am graduated from Debre Berhan University in the field of Chemical Engineering
    with the qualification of BSc. Degree on June 25/10/2009 E.C. In Chemical Engineering with CGPA 3.43.
    I am young energetic and eager to assure that I will diligently execute my
    assignment that could be getting to serve in your organization.

  8. My name is Grace olarinde I want to study in Dubai but can afford tuition fee, visa and e.t.c please I hope you can help sponsor me

  9. hi how r u doing ,this is me Assefa ayana i graduated in Addis ababa institute of technology IN CIVIL ENGINEERING.PLEASE LET ME TO PARTICIPATE IN UR MASTERS PROGRAMME

  10. I am just presenting my ambitions…
    I want to study masters degree on Politics of International law, but it demands a very big amount of money. I don\’t have it.
    Since its necessary to be honest, it would be good for you, I think, to know that I am a public worker, but my incomes are very low for that purpose.
    Please, help me…
    I am trying to get applied in different programs offering scholarship and other facilities, that\’s why you are going to see my name in different templates…

  11. i am Sbonelo David and i currently finished my matric and i will like to carry on with my studies but i do not have funds to pay for my studies.I live with my mother who is unemployed and my grandmother who is receiving pension money

  12. sincerly ineed of your help for school fee having lost all my parents and am staying with my grandmother who is realy hustling in life and cannot afford for my school a form four leaver thank you kindly assit me please

  13. Hello am mukiibi siraj I need to continue with my education but I don\’t have money. It would be my pleasure if an opportunity is granted. Thank you very much.

  14. I need this scholarship garnts to continue my study abroad. ERITREAN nationality from sudan. I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea. I am so excited to have this chance. Thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  15. I am mentesnot solomon am from ethiopia ,am 19 years help me study abroad.i really need to learn any course that available.

  16. I am very happy to hear this, and my Thanks goes to you . And hopping to get more from you on my email below.
    I wish this year to be part of this program…

  17. My name is ignatius ofwono. I need a scholarship for a postgraduate course abroad. Please update me on any opportunities. I want to join as soon as possible. Thanks. Ugandan

  18. My name is Taina Melinita Vailea. i really need a scholarship to further my studies from my Diploma in Media and Journalism to BA in Media Studies..
    So please help me..

  19. Thanks for the message… I graduated since 2013 and I am trying to enter university but no way, so if you people can help me I will higher appreaciate it, thank you for your useful information.

  20. This is Aberra Bedada Dori .I am from Ethiopia. It has been my longtime wish to pursuemy study in austrlalia. I need a scholarship for a doctorate degree study. but Since i am leading families I could not afford my self in fee. Please can you help me on any opportunities. I want to join as soon as possible. Thanks. Aberra Bedada

  21. Sir/Madam,
    I am Kesner Jean-Louis,from Haiti. Atlantic International university Doctorate student since october 2018,I am looking for a scholarship to finance the studies.

    Tours faithfully,

  22. Hi Mr and Mrs I\’m called Nyabeyeu Randy Warmer. Studying in Cameroon in the University of Ngoa Ekele doing English Modern Letters in year 2. I wish to have acquire a scholarship in order to study in your school so that I can improve in my studies. I plead to be reply. Thanks

  23. My name is Kibuule ibra from uganda, sat my senior six last year with BCM that\’s Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics from Masaka secondary school. But I want to do medicine and surgery but I need for a bout shs48m to complete my university tuition or any equal assistance is welcomed, thanks.

  24. Hi,
    Yes consider claim to scholarship should I be given a chance with gratitude.
    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands.
    In need to study Bachelor in Business and leadership and management at South Australia University ,Melbourne University, Australia National University .Placement offered.
    Need full scholarship to study at college level or even University as considered for.
    Additional choice form funder greatly appreciated to study at any where possible.

    kind regards ,
    Thanks in advance.

  25. I\’am Tiany, i have my exam for master in ESI Business School but i have a dificult for financial i want that help me to financial

  26. I am James I really need financial assistance to continue with my studies. I already have an admission to continue with my studies but I do not have the Scholarship to sponsor me for this important field of work.

  27. I am Boetumelo Mere from South Africa I finished my high school last year and tooka gap year this year because I couldn\’t afford to go university.I need a bursary and will appreciate being considered to be given one.Thank you

  28. I wanna study bachelor degree in project management.Due to of my financial weekness i cant afford it.i m from Nepal 🇳🇵.Thank you

  29. I am soliciting you to please help with financial support to complete my school fees or grant me a scholarship for bench work to complete my research work.

  30. Thank you so very much, I appreciated the offer but how would I go about the processes to achieve it or for you to reach me.

  31. My name is Vladimir Tadiwanashe Tendayi from Zimbabwe.
    I have been accepted to study at University of Manitoba,Canada for September 2019 intake for Business program majoring in accounting and finance.My challenge is funding,thus raising the first year tuition.
    I will be grateful for assistance either from individuals,corporates,and scholarships funders.


  33. My name is Edna Baidoo, a Ghanaian and I am reading accounting. I am facing financial problems and I don\’t want to quit because I am the first person in my family to attand university. It is my dream to become a chartered accountant and wishes to rise to the position of finance minister in Ghana . I really need a support to help me achieve my ambition.

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