$500 Augustana Camp Scholarship

Juggling extracurricular activities while trying to finish high school and keep up a certain GPA is definitely difficult. It requires a lot of effort and proper time management on the student’s part. There are times when students drop the extracurricular activities altogether to focus on their academics to get their GPA up for their college education. Meanwhile, there are also students who put more effort into their extracurricular activities like sports as it will help them get a scholarship in their dream degree program and help them not mind much of the financial aspect while finishing their bachelor degree in college.

However, these two scenarios aren’t the only possible scenarios for a high school student to see as their future in college. It is still possible to get a college education or finish your bachelor degree all while studying full time and without giving up the extracurricular and academics. There’s even a chance that you can do both and still qualify for a scholarship. If you’re a high school student who acts as a camp counselor and is looking for a scholarship or a way to save money for your degree program, here is a perfect scholarship for you: the Augustana Camp Scholarship.

The recipients of the Augustana Camp Scholarship program will be able to receive a $500 scholarship every two semesters. That means they receive $250 every semester. This is possible if you are a camp counselor or even someone who is stationed in other related camp positions during a specific period of time for middle or high school Lutheran camps. These Lutheran camps have to be located in places like Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Those who wish to apply should already have a position in the camp even before the camp starts. In addition to that, the camp should also be completed by the continuing student in good standing and work at the camp for a minimum of six weeks.

The application form for the scholarship should be completed before the camp starts but after the student has received the position already. The application form also requires you to get your camp director to fill up the part wherein they will state the period of your work commitment and sign it.

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  1. I have graduated from Secondary school and seeking admission to Obafemi Awolowo university Ile Ife. How may I get scholarship please?

  2. I have graduated from secondary school and now I am studying dental medicine at Cameroon. How may I get scholarship please?

  3. hello sir ,i am graguated since 2016 Bsc natural and computational science speciled in chemistry,now i have one years exeperiance in teaching so sir if there is a now opportunity to continue my master degree please informe me,thanks for your replies

  4. I am requesting for 100 % Tuition & Fees waiver. I am jobless but desirous to further my Education. I will highly appreciate any assistant.

  5. Please am Amoafo Kingsley a level 200 student of the university of Ghana. Please help me in my education. Even if you don\’t give me full, I will really appreciate that. Thank you.

  6. Hi sir/ madam
    Please I need a scholarship to study abroad am a communication and development students at the University of Bamenda thanks

  7. Hie.
    I have just finished my certificate in general fitting and advance certificate, help me, I need a scholarship to be awarded degree in mechanical engineering.

  8. Comment
    Am Frank Adu a tutor of a College in Ghana. I have a masters degree in Mathematics and need financial assistance to pursue my PhD degree course in mathematics education.

  9. Greetings to you all
    my name is markengler Emmanuel just had the advance level in Cameroon and I am looking for chance to study abroad through scholarship please help me
    thanks for reading

  10. I am self sponsor I am aspiring obafemi awolowo I need scholarship to build more in my future in law or English pls help sir/ ma 08074044562

  11. I did my high school level and naw I want a scholarship for studying abroad in business management.please help me

  12. I\’m Clarissa Dalusong, an ABM students searching a scholarship for my college. Please help me if possible. Thanks

  13. Hi I would highly appreciate it if you grant me a scholarship as I have no financial assistance and I am currently doing a health promotion course and the duration is 12 months. Please help me.

  14. I\’m currently a year 12 student and I would like to get a scholarship in business after high school and I would be very greatful if you would assist me,
    Thank you.

  15. I have completed high school with good grades. I more than anything, want to further my education in higher institution.

  16. I am a highschool graduate…… wih pleasing results….. hope i can get a scholarship … so i cn try make the world a better place

  17. I am Samuel Hallie Jabolee I need a scholarship to study aboard I want to obtain my bachelor degree in civil engineering but I don\’t have finance now. I am from Liberia looking forward in hearing from you soon. My number+231776767550

  18. I am Samuel Hallie Jabolee from Liberia this is the opportunity I been waiting for I want to obtain my bachelor degree in civil engineering but I have no means now but I have a hope that this organization can make my dream to come though. Looking forward in hearing from you soon my number+231776767550

  19. I am Sanae Achahbar from Morocco i got my bachelor degree in Letterture and now i\’m studying at the university of Abd Elmalek Issaadi My section is in English departement. I hope to get the apportunity to get a scholarship in Turkey.
    Thank you

  20. I am Eneighe Silvia Asomikeh from Cameroon. I have a Masters degree in food and bioresource technology and i wish to continue with my PhD abroad through a fully funded scholarship. i will be so grateful if given the opportunity thank you in advance

  21. hello i Am from africa also in chad please i need this scholarship to contenu My university please i need your help i have 19 year all .and thank you

  22. Am currently a PhD student in Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Studying Food quality Control and assurance. Please I need grants for my lab work . I will be glad if my request is granted.

  23. Please I need this scholarship.it will go a long way in achieving my goals and ambition in my career and academic pursuit.

  24. Am glad for this chance. Am Ivan, a Ugandan born again, i kindly request a scholarship to go for theology, in order to participate in the great commission to fulfill God\’s calling; be blessed. Thanks.

  25. please I am in need of the scholarship to further my education i am student from Gambia. I graduate year 2015 then I started studying Human resources management, Business law, Business Adminstration, English language proficiency, Information Technology. Please help me with the scholarship. Thank you

  26. hello sir ,i am graguated since 2010 Bsc natural and computational science speciled in chemistry,now i have 8 years exeperiance in teaching so sir if there is a now opportunity to continue my master degree please informe me,thanks for your replies

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